Zuena Ready To Push 5th Child

Gagamel Phamily first lady Zuena Kirema is set to give birth to her 5th child in the next few months.

Yesterday, Bebe Cool and friends surprised Zuana with a baby shower.

Shortly after the party, Bebe Cool went on his official social media pages to that his friends.

“We look for too much in life yet we need only that small.

“We look for new friends in life yet we already have the right ones.

“Life requires us to hold onto those friends that matter in life coz they will always make a difference in our live, go an extra mile for us when need arises.

“Let me say thanks to you ladies @Sk wills Mimi Amina Mimi Ssemakula @Bahati to mension but a few who made this special moment for my beautiful wife yesterday,” Bebe Cool posted before adding that; “And to you my wife, you are a special human being, one that i couldn’t have stayed without, one that i prayed to God for.

“You have given it all and as i stand to say nothing i can do to make it up to you, i know Allah will reward you for your effort and love.

“I wish you a well as you set to bring us another member of the SSALI family.

“I will always be by your side. And by the way you look gorgeous day by day. I love you.”

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