Museveni Has Taken Us Back To the Dogs — Benon Biraalo

2016 presidential candidate Gen. Benon Biraalo has admitted that when President Museveni came into power, the whole country looked at him as a saint to redeem the country’s glory that had been lost to selfish leaders but unfortunately, he is now taking the same path as those that he thought were terrible leaders.

Gen Benon Biraalo

While appearing on NBSTV today morning, Benon Biraalo announced that the NRM government has destroyed the economy of the country and therefore should not be given a chance to rule the country again.

“NRM government has collapsed businesses and increased corruption in the country. A wrong path is perpetuating a failed regime in power constitutionally. We want a new leader,” Biraalo roared

Biraalo further added that it is not right to continue voting someone who doesn’t appreciate and to him that is a sign of bad democracy.

“We have given a lot to President Museveni. The farmers don’t want him to continue.”

Biraalo acknowledges the fact that the president does not appreciate his voters because he has used National coffers to sponsor his people and NRM.

This has made NRM MPs fail to defend the truth.

“Even MPs of NRM are opposed to the constitutional amendment but they are afraid to speak out,” Biraalo revealed.

Much more, Biraalo believes that achieving democracy is not about just voting because the electoral processes in the country is mulled as seen last year where there was evident rigging in most areas but nothing.

He also adds that democracy cannot be achieved when leaders like Museveni do not take advice from other people.

“When I went to Rwakitura after elections, I told Museveni this country shouldn’t go to war but see where he is taking it,”

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