AGE LIMIT: I will never go back to NRM Caucus, so useless – Kalwanga

MP Kalwanga

Bosujju lawmaker of the National Resistance Movement Hon. David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga has vowed not to go back to the party caucus over its harsh rules and conditions.

Speaking while appearing on CBS FM on Thursday night, the lawmaker who recently joined to the NRM Rebel MPs said its unfair to hold party members at a ransom simply because they have a different idea.

Kalwanga bitterly said that he can never do wrong decision simply because of a mere party yet his voters are opposed to the bill.

“I am beyond the level of being held at a ransom of the party on issues benefiting individuals at the expense of democracy, I only respect my voters and will always put in consideration their demands not Mr. Museveni who never even voted for me.” The Vocal lawmaker said.

Kalwanga climaxed saying that though he likes the National Resistance Movement party, there is need to respect lawmakers and all its members since it’s a political party not an army school.


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