You will pay for blood of Ugandans being killed – Segona tells off M7

Medard Segona

Busiro East Member of Parliament Hon. Medard Lubega Segona Kalyamagwa has said that President Museveni shall be charged for the blood of Ugandans being innocently hurt and killed during his reign.

Speaking during his consultative meeting held in Kyengera town on Thursday evening, the senior council said it’s unfortunate that the ruling party has resorted to use of firearms and brutalizing Ugandans with no crimes committed.

Segona added that the regime has outlived its usefulness and all being focused on is how to consolidate power but not how to transform Ugandans to another better social and financial.

“Uganda needs special prayers because it’s now in wrong hands of people who have become deaf and blind on issues concerning Ugandans. No one is certain about how tomorrow will be since even the little land we have Mr. Museveni is still warming to grab it freely” Segona said.

He however called upon his supporters to remain firm and resist any form of intimidation and fight the proposed age limit removal is it’s an agenda to make Uganda a monarchy of the 21st century.

Segona also noted the levels of hate being slashed to the Ugandans against the ruling party is enough to portray how the government officials lost the senses of humanity.

“ Look at the way police beats, fires live bullets, tear gas among others, don’t think some of these people are so happy because me and you are living, some them want us dead so that they can own everything. But my cry and the reason why I can’t give up on the fight is because I still have hope that everything has an end and soon Museveni will be leaving. Lets all say no to Age limit removal because that’s where our hope is.” Segona implored his voters amidst excitement Togikwatoko slogan.

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