More MPs abandon Age limit deal as NRM changes strategy

Museveni cuts a cake in Namutamba

A number of Members of Parliament denouncing the controversial Age limit amendment bill has shockingly raised following the part’s move to change the approach and strategy to have the message packaged and delivered to the people.

According to our Insider, close to 150 members of parliament have shown interest in going against the party’s decision following the escalating pressure threats from the voters though some are still silent due to the threats from above and even intensions to eat the heavily packaged Age Limit reward coming soon.

Some of these lawmakers have been hijacked at public gatherings like parties, funerals even others have been stoped along their ways to give their stand on the matter something that has resulted into forcing them to put on the red ribbon as a sign of solidarity against the controversial Magezi bill.

This has not only affected directly elected members of Parliament but even Ex-officials have also been forced to declare their position over the age limit bill.

Voters against MPs

Among the people who have so far tested the wrath of the voters are the Kayunga district members of Parliament State Minister Hon. Aidah Nantaba and her counterpart NRM’s Amos Lugolobi. Regardless of duo holding juicy jobs in the Museveni government, voters embarrassed them when they were publically asked to denounce the life presidency move and even forced them to put on the Anti- Age limit removal red ribbon outfit.

NRM’s newly elected Rubanda woman Member of Parliament Hon. Prosy Akampurira Begumisa was recently forced by a group of mourners to denounce the motion or else she never returns to district a decision she accepted immediately and vowed to respect it at all costs.

On Friday, residents of Rukungiri also made Minister of Security Gen. Henry Tumukunde look like boy when they forced him to wear a red cap during the funeral service of Edison Nasasira, 22 who was shot dead on Wednesday in Rukungiri town as police tried to disperse off anti-age limit removal protesters being led by former presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Recently Bosujju lawmaker of the National Resistance Movement Hon. David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga also joined the NRM Rebel MPs and vowed never to go back to the party caucus over its harsh rules and Age limit conditions. It’s said that Kalwanga did this following the pressure that had escalated from the voters over the same issue. He therefore said that he is even willing to quit the party if it insists on the bill yet his voters are opposed to the bill.

It should be noted that last month, Mityana municipality members of Parliament State Minister of Tourism Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda Ssubi and Hon. Judith Nabakooba were also humiliated by angry voters who even denied them access to the event where they were invited to officiate.

Its Due to the emergence of such scandals that the ruling party has resolved to change the approach since they are bound to face huge embarrassment as the voters reject the bill in broad day light.

The resolution is that now NRM plans to strictly consult local council leaders and party cadres up to the level of the LCIII. This is intended to be considered as the consultative meetings since the locals seem to be bitter and even strongly opposed to the move something that can cause violence if consulted.

However though this resolution has been adopted by the party secretariat and top Government officials, the bad news indicate that some local council leaders have started rejecting the dialogue citing that they cannot go against the will of their voters.

The first culprit of this disappointment is the National Resistance Chief Whip Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa who faced it rough after sub-county chairpersons in Kiboga and Kiboga district council members rejected an appeal by her to pass a resolution supporting the lifting of the presidential age-limit.

Impeccable sources intimated to us that the district councilors and sub-county chiefs instead advised Nankabirwa to call all Kiboga residents to a general consultative meeting where they will give her their original views about the issue.



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