Nsereko: Who told you its only Museveni with sovereignty of gun usage?


Kampala central Member of Parliament Hon. Muhammad Nsereko has expressed  huge dismay on how government has deliberately resolved the issue of Age Limit removal.

Speaking while appearing on CBS FM Thursday evening, Nsereko said government has no reason to use excessive force  while handling unarmed Ugandans.

He also wondered whether government has resorted to guns because it feels that the civilians can’t also use them.

“I totally wonder why Bwana Kayihura thinks the guns will solve Uganda’s problem. Our problem are far much beyond that therefore they should not take us for granted and begin treating us like slaves simply because we have decided to preach peace.” Nsereko said.

Nsereko however also called upon Ugandans not to lose hope citing that members can change their minds provided the voters stay focused on the fight and holding their representatives accountable.

He also noted that the ruling party should stop holding party members at ransom since this is a democratic state where anyone has a right to speak whatever he/she wants without being intimidated.

“Why should one hold elected leaders at a ransom as if they are his slaves? Why should they intimidate  people to that extend anyway? Don’t do this, Don’t do that!! That’s only what police does and when we say Togyikwatako, they begin firing bullets and tear gas. Do they think they are the only ones with sovereignty of gun usage?”

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