Too bad, Gov’t taking advantage of our serenity to pass senseless bills – Latigo


Agago lawmaker, Professor Ogenga Latigo has said that the constitutional matter can’t be a private member’s bill and therefore letting it to be tabled in such a manner is a kind of dishonesty from the ruling government.

While appearing on Nbs television earlier today morning, Prof. Ogenga condemned the ruling government for taking advantage of the goodness of the many citizens which has pushed them to the wall and express their hatred towards the ruling government.

He also believes that the minister of constitutional affairs and cabinet is the one to have tabled the bill instead of Magyezi is not the one since it is a very serious national matter but he has unfortunately kept quiet.

‘Constitution is a national matter, it can’t be a private member’s bill. This is a height of dishonesty from these people. The fact that the minister for constitutional affairs and cabinet has shield away shows the level of dishonesty.’ Prof. Latigo analyzed.

Prof. Latigo adds that Magyezi is doing this under influence because he has known him for so long to believe that Magyezi can come up with such an idea without bigger forces pushing him.

‘Magyezi is a spirit medium, all that is happening is happening through him but not of him. He can’t present such a bill.’ He says.

Prof. Latigo has also blamed the speaker of Parliament for her influenced actions because they are also going to cost her highly which will involve paying for someone else’s sins.


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