Stop fighting Museveni, Katuntu warns opposition

Abdul Katuntu (L)

Bugweri Member of Parliament Hon. Abdul Katuntu has called upon opposition leaders to stop taking issues of governance so personal.

Speaking to the Insider, the lawmaker said that it’s unfair for the opposition to attack the president and the speaker of Parliament since the attacks don’t win any political mission.

He insists that attacking President Museveni may affect service delivery in their areas since he has capacity to constrain services in the area thus losing out over miner issues.

“Attacking president Museveni or the Speaker’s personality does not have the issues solved you are forgetting that the president even has capacity to constrain service delivery in your constituencies” He stated.

Katuntu however made it clear that he does not support age limit removal but he does not find a reason why members of the opposition should attack Museveni’s personality instead of bringing solutions on how the bill can be blocked via legislation and nonviolent way.

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