Bobi Wine is a Mbabazi Mafia – Mirundi

Amama Mbabazi, Tamale Mirundi and Bobi Wine

Famous political analyst Tamale Mirundi has again described the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine as a huge threat to the ruling party.

Speaking while appearing on one of the local radio stations on Monday night, the veteran Journalist noted that Bobi Wine is Pro- former Go forward presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi with a strong political mission that has just started.

“Its only a fool who can underestimate someone with support of the common man however small and inferior he appear to be. The Bobi Wine you see now is not the singer who even one time smoked weed, this is a special Mbabazi Mafia with a mission beyond lines. Can’t you ask yourself the reason why he congratulated Bobi Wine, why only him of all the other MPs?” Tamale asked while hitting the tables in the studio furniture.

One trying to make sense on Bobi Wine and Mbabazi relationship, ever since the Go forward’s election petetition was kicked out of court, Mbabazi went in a strong political hibernation till the day the Specioza hit maker swept the Kyadondo East By Election. With strong excitement, the former premier rushed to his twitter handle where he congratulated him from.

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On talking about whether Bobi Wine can be silenced with a bribe, Tamale cited that Omubanda Wa Kabaka cannot easily be bribed since he is rich and even more wealthy than most of President Museveni’s Ministers.”He can not therefore  be silence with petty money like most members of parliament have been given”, Mirundi said..




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