EXCLUSIVE: How Museveni squeezed NEC Members to endorse age limit

President greets NRM party leaders

It was an issue of one man address as the National Resistance Movement Members met at State House to discuss the issue of Age limit removal.

The closed door meeting conducted on Friday 27th August, was aimed at popularizing the issue to the top party members, National Executive Council (NEC).

It should be noted that that media was not allowed in meeting but according to our well-placed source who also doubles as NEC Member revealed to us how the session transpired.

Our Insider intimated to us that there was no discussion in the building except communication from the chair.

“We did not go there to debate or discuss anything concerning age limit removal, all I can say is that we were there to listen to what was already decided.” The Insider said.

The Insider added that even the few members who were given an opportunity to speak were selected and not selected at random in that they might have been briefed on what to say since their points put across were similar and were chronologically seconding the each other.

“Some members tried to raise up their hands,but no one was bothered”, the source revealed.

Our source also says the only idea that was put up to the public for discussion was a brief statement stating that all is done except “you in this room”.

“I have conducted meetings with members of Cabinet, the CEC members, Members of Parliament, and security organs. They are all in support of the constitutional amendment. Today I invited you purposely to get your opinion. I want to presume that you all support the move because this is the party decision however if you don’t support it, rise up your hand so that I know you personally because the fact is that you are either with us or against us. Who does not support me? President asked.

How NEC members voted

Our insider said there was silence, and after a short while some members clapped cheering the president with some Luganda words like ‘Mzeei Akyali Mboko’ meaning the president is strong. It this step, State house officials started organizing their facilitation and the meeting was closed after a few minutes.

However according to the party spokesperson Rogers Mulindwa, NEC Members overwhelmingly threw their weight behind the move and gave the president green light to seek for another term in office.

He added that they also accepted to popularize the move to the locals countrywide and preach the message of its relevance to see that even those opposed to the bid get on board.

CEC Decision

On Tuesday, the national Resistance Movement (NRM) Central Executive Council (CEC) pledged to support the age limit amendment bill in parliament.

In a closed door meeting held at State House Entebbe, the senior party members agreed to popularize the move to other party structures to ensure that the controversial article102b of the constitution is trashed.

It should be noted that the bill was tabled by Igara West Member of Parliament Hon. Raphael Magezi last months and its currently before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee.




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