Odinga: No surrender, All we want is a free and fair election


Kenya’s leading opposition leader Raila Odinga has held his decision to pull out the recent election rerun firm.

Speaking while appearing in an exclusive Interview with NBS Television this afternoon, Odinga said that the decision was taken because you can’t do something twice the same way and expect different results.

“We have records where the returning officers have been asked to beef up the figures. What they’re doing right now is rigging against themselves because Uhuru is running against Kenyatta.” Odinga said.

Raila also noted that what’s happening in Kenya is not isolated for only Kenya, it’s happening in Africa as a whole citing that what he wants is justice.

“We want a free and fair election but the country has been denied that for the past 12 years. We’re here not because we want to; we’re here because of the electoral process and until that is rectified, we shall not move on.” He added.

The veteran politician called upon all not to accept to be intimidated citing that Kenya is bigger that all of them therefore must defend for their rights at all costs.

“To all of my fellow Kenyans, Kenya is bigger than all of us, We are a great country, we must defend it at all costs. We must defend our dream, I believe in the East African Community.
We as East Africa should work together to make the East African federation because it’s realizable.” Odinga emphasized.

Odinga and his coalition members pulled out of the Kenya’s General election following Governments failure to fulfil the required put across by opposition members. These issues involved the removal of some IEBC secretariat members such as Chief Executive Ezra Chiloba and the exclusion of Safaricom from the fresh presidential elections.

Others demands are that Jubilee drops the Election Laws Amendment Bill currently before Parliament and appointment of new returning officers in the 291 constituencies while the current ones to serve as election managers.

But in a letter to NASA wired on September 22 by the commission, Mr Chiloba said that they would reshuffle, not dismiss some of the officers and disciplinary action will be taken on others according to the IEBC human resources guidelines but all this was not fulfilled something that forced NASA to pullout of the election rerun.

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