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8 Reasons why Gen. Kayihura needs prayers

IGP Kale Kayihura, Gen. Tumukunde and Presdient Museveni

Veteran Journalist Andrew Mwenda has called for more prayers to the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura following the unfortunate arrest of his aids by the CMI officials.

Speaking while appearing on KFM Hot Seat last Friday, Mwenda said that the arrest of Kayihura’s blue eyed boys is a clear indication that President No longer trust him.

He added that though IGP has always been so close to the Head of state, weakness in his office have also become been overwhelming something which is not good for his job safety since the arrest of his aids literately means that he is next in line.

“Gen. Kayihura is not safe at all because its evident, if you want to remove a jigger from your leg, you begin with its edges and this is what the president has done.” Mwenda said.

Mwenda also brought to concern the fact that prosecution of the 9 police officers also doubles as triumph of the security Minister Gen. Henry Tumukunde against the Inspector General of Police.

How Kayihura lost it.

It should be noted Kayihura has for a long time been at cross roads with the Gen. Tumukunde, CMI team along with the Internal Security Organization (ISO) that lies under Gen. Tumukunde therefore this saga where his aids are being detained on charges related to conspiracy without his consent reveals a million words because its Kayihura’s role to make such arrests.

What should be remembered is that early this year when the Deputy Inspector of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi was murdered, President Museveni said that police had been infiltrated by criminals and directed Gen. Kayihura to clean up the force but the question still remains that did he make any clean up?

Besides of the existence of strong ties with Rwanda government, why would such a scenario happen without the IGP’s knowledge? It should also be remembered that Rwanda President H.E Paul Kagame was Gen. Kayihura’s Best man on his wedding implying that they are not just having diplomatic ties but rather a tight relation and could this be one of the reasons for the allegations?

However though the IGP himself, refuted the allegations that implicated him in any scandal over the weekend, there is still need for special prayers. Kayihura also noted that all is going on including his house being sealed off by Military officers are all lies and he is busy executing his duties as usual.

On Friday, officers including the Commandant of Police Professional Standard Unit, Senior Commissioner of Police Joel Aguma, Senior Superintendent of Police Nixon Agasirwe, former commander of Police Special Operations, Sgt. Abel Tumukunde under the Flying Squad, Assistant Superintendent of Police Magada under Crime Intelligence and Faisal Katende under the Flying Squad were brought before the Court Martial on allegations of conspiracy.

The suspects who also include Rwandans and Congolese nationals are accused of conspiracy with a neighbouring country to kidnap refugees in Uganda, who are perceived to be opponents of their home government.

More Circles of Scandal

Besides Prosecution alleging that the 9 officers last month at Kamengo, Mpigi District while in unlawful possession of guns and grenades, a monopoly of UPDF, abducted a one Mutabaazi Joel from Rwanda there still some weird scandals that have circulated around the indicted officers that include the following.

Joseph Baroza, Kayihura’s former aide who is away in Algeria is also being pursued. There were reports that he will be repatriated soon.

Mr Aguma was suspended in 2013 for allegedly kidnaping and handing over a former bodyguard of the neighbouring country’s president.The former bodyguard, a lieutenant, had fled to Uganda but was kidnapped in Kampala by security personnel and handed over to the home government. He was later sentenced to life imprisonment by that country’s military court.

Mr Katende was suspended for alleged extortion in 2014. Their arrests, according to sources, came after President Museveni wrote to the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, ordering for an investigation by CMI.

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