AGE LIMIT: Minister Amelia left in shock, heckled by Red ribbon boys

Amelia Kyambadde

Mawokota Member of parliament, Hon. Amelia Kyambadde has this afternoon faced her biggest challenge in life trying to convince residents to back the controversial age limit removal bill.

The saga happened at a primary school where the minister had organized a consultative meeting that was hijacked by opposition members against the life presidency bid.

It is said that her very opponent organized youths and women to and give their stand on Amelia’s event which had selectively invited delegates.

In an attempt to give some remarks, the Minister of Trade was booed and hackled something that forced her to start panting restless without plan B.

Hundreds of opposition youth donned in red ribbons shouted Togikwatako on top of their and even escorted her out of the dancing to Bobi Wine’s anti Museveni as Uganda Police officers looked on.

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