Stay away from KCCA councilors if you want peace, Lukwago warns Kamya

Elias Lukwago

Lord mayor Elias Lukwago has warned the minister of Kampala Hon. Betty Kamya against using Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) to promote the campaign on the lifting of presidential age limit.

Speaking during a press conference held at City Hall on Thursday Morning, Lukwago says Kamya has no powers to officiate or direct the council activities.

He also notes that Kamya on the 31st of October wrote to KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi asking her to mobilize all councilors to be taken to the Leadership Institute in Kyakwazi for training before they pronounce themselves on the issue of Age limit as leaders of Kampala.

Lukwago claims that this meeting is meant to brain wash the councilors to make them support the age limit bill, advising them to listen to their conscience voice of reason.

He however asks Kamya to embark on negotiating with her fellow National Resistance Movement cadres not the elected leader at KCCA because they are opposed to the lifting of the controversial article 102b.


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