UMEME sued over death of 8 year old girl

Mirina Nabaka resident of Nakaseke district has sued UMEME to the Kampala High Court over death of her 8 year old daughter who was killed by an electric pole.

Mirina is now seeking to be paid 700 million shillings as a compensation for the loss of her promising daughter whose dream of becoming doctor was cut short.

Mirina Nabaka says on August 7th 2017 the electricity pole fell down in Nakaseke –saaza, Lufula zone , Nakaseke town council and the matter was reported to responsible officers from UMEME, but the fallen wires were left unattended while had power.

That on the next day August 8th 2017 her daughter Ruth Nakabuye aged 8years went to the plantation to pick the green vegetables and was electrocuted by the said electricity wires which were lying in the plantation and died instantly.

The miserable parent accuses the organization of careless acts of failing to remove and keep on monitoring the rotten pole supplying power until they fell down caused the death of her daughter.

The case file has been allocated to Justice Margaret Oguli oumo to handle.


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