Kadaga deserves to kneel, Apologize for betraying Ugandans – Musumba

Kadaga and Salaam Musumba

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)’s Hon. Salaam Musumba has also joined the majority Ugandans condemning Speaker Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga’s move of allowing men in plain clothes raid parliament.

Speaking to the Insider, Musumba narrates that Kadaga deserves to kneel and apologize to the entire country since she failed to protect the sovereignty of the Legislative arm of government.

She adds that regardless of what she describes as indiscipline on the part of the opposition MPs, she had no right to allow the people she is meant to protect be brutalized to an extent of almost kissing their graves because of a mere bill favoring an individual.

Musumba says that Kadaga will be remembered for betraying parliament and injuring the dignity of the August House.

These comments follow the Speaker’s action of writing a letter to the Head of state demanding for explanation in regard to the September raid.

Members of Parliament being brutalized like chicken thieves in the chamber

In a letter dated October 23, copied to the Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs, Inspector General of Police and Commander of the Special Forces Command, Kadaga seeks for answers on identities and motives of the operatives involved in the regrettable raid and purpose for their deployment.

However on Friday, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni used his long distance arm and exposed the speaker of parliament Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga for playing Ugandans hide and seek.

In a letter dated 3rd November, 2017, President Museveni turned guns on Kadaga revealing that the parliament raid by said “unknown men” in plain clothes was a plot masterminded by the Speaker of Parliament herself and no one else.

In the letter, Museveni states that he ordered for the deployment of the elite officers at the August House following Kadaga’s tearful request for the intensification of security to handle the growing indiscipline by some Members of Parliament opposed to the amendment of article 102b.

“As you recall, in your letter dated 25th/September/2017, you communicated to me vide Ref/AP/285/286/01 to effect that considering the chaotic behavior and conduct of certain members of parliament regarding constitutional amendment Bill No.13 of 2017. You needed by assistance as the Commander in chief to assist you with ensuring that proceedings of parliament go ahead without any innervation.” The letter reads in part.







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