Kill us or set us free, Detained FDC’s Mugumya tells DRC

Sam Mugumya

The Forum for Democratic Change members detained in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have called upon Kabila’s government to either take them to court or kill them over long time detention  without trial.

The leaders including Sam Mugumya, Mugisha Stephen, Kamukama Aggrey, Kamugisha Joseph and Nathan Bright have been in custody for about 4 years now.

In a well detailed letter directed to Kabila’s Justice Minister, the activists insist that if they committed any crime, they should be brought to court rather being detained for a long while without trial something that is against their fundamental rights.

They also reveal that their family members have on most cases been denied access to see them and though the Ugandan Government has deliberated the DRC embassy to handle the matter, the activists insist that they have not been helped except being subject to torture, and denied Justice.

On October 2014, FDC activist Sam Mugumya crossed into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where he was arrested on charges related to subversion.

The UPDF spokesperson Col Paddy Ankunda said then Mugumya had been found together with four other people in possession of big sums of dollars and documents linking them to a rebel group in eastern DRC with intentions of overthrowing the Ugandan government.

Mugumya was jailed at Ndolo Military Prison until today.

In September 2016, the Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party hired legal representation for political activist Sam Mugumya and four other Ugandans at a price of $5000 to handle the matter.



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