Museveni will spoil his legacy if doesn’t retire come 2021 – Nagenda

John Nagenda

Senior presidential advisor on Media affairs John Nagenda has vowed to talk to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to withdraw the move to amend article 102 of the Uganda constitution.

Nagenda who has been Museveni’s tight ally for a number of decades says the best gift the head of state can give to our mighty country is to retire in honorably.

The veteran Journalist also notices that though the Commander in chief claims that there are some things he needs to accomplish, the issue of the ruling party identifying and mentor someone who will succeed the Man with Vision is more necessary than amending the constitution.

“Iam saying this because I love the National Resistance movement and the president so much that wouldn’t wish anything bad to happen to him. Our party has very many cadres and promising youths who can take on the good work president Museveni has done.” He says.

Nagenda warns that the move to have article 102b amended is not only bad for the National Resistance Movement but also hazardous for president Museveni to stand in 2021 citing that it’s a huge backward step in democracy.

The senior columnist further explained that Museveni is surrounded by wrong people only interested in getting money but without a sense of patriotism.

“Those advising President Museveni to seek another term in 2021 are opportunists and wish him bad because God forbid you don’t know what can happen to the pearl of Africa if he left us without transiting power to another person. Ugandans, let’s not let such mess happen when we still have an opportunity.” Nagenda added.

He climaxed saying he is planning to meet the president and talk to him about the same matter so that something can be done since the people around a round have failed to advise him but only misleading him.

The matter of presidential age limit has become a center of discussion among people of different classes, beliefs and standards of living. This move has caused a number of arrests, protests and threats countrywide with majority of the natives coming up with a slogan dubbed Togikwatako a Luganda word meaning don’t touch the constitution. However a section of NRM legislators and cadres are working tooth and nail to have the controversial bill passed so that Museveni can be Uganda’s life president.

This same move has however sparked off a lot of criticism from both opposition, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and even party members from the ruling party.


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