Nyanzi tells Police that not even tear gas will stop Bobi Wine

Stella Nyanzi

Makerere University senior academician has lashed at government officials over continuous threats against Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

In her well articulate Facebook post, Nyanzi says government should embark on issues that develop the country rather than spending tax payer’s money on investigating Bobi Wine’s new song something they also know they can’t achieve.

“Investigating a musician for his song is a waste of time. Banning the music video from playing on tv is also a waste of time. There are limits to what tear gas, bullets, and money can do. You can neither shoot out nor bribe away the desire for freedom that burns in our hearts!” Nyanzi posted.

Bobi Wine’s Freedom song that attacks the ruling government was rumored banned during the weekend and since then, it has stopped playing on Television stations though its massively trending on the online media.

Besides the Ban allegations, the plot to have Bobi wine arrested has also been circulating left and right though the self-proclaimed Ghetto Gladiator replied saying that he is willing to die fighting for the truth but will not be shaken by any one.



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