Rugunda: Where is the problem if Museveni wants to rule beyond 75 years?


Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has called upon Ugandans to be fair and consideration on the matter of lifting presidential age limit.

Speaking while appearing on the Legal and Parliamentary affairs committee this afternoon, Rugunda noted that age limits are unfair to the discriminated people and deny Uganda a chance to have “intelligent” persons below 35 years and above 75 years to contest for presidency.

He added that Human beings are like whether there cannot be generalized on some occasions citing there some special people who make 75 years when they are still strong like president Museveni.

On this note, Rugunda said government supports the proposed scrapping of Article 102 (b) to remove the discriminatory spirit and practice that bars citizens of sound mind below 35 years and above 75 years from offering themselves or being fielded by their political parties to run for the Office of the President.

“Uganda like many democracies has given the people, through Article 1 of the Constitution, the power to elect their leaders through regular free and fair elections. The issue of presidential election should be left to the people to decide.” said Rugunda.


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