KCCA rejects funding Kamya’s planned Kyangwanzi retreat


Kampala city council Authority has declined to give green light to Minister Kamya’s proposed retreat for the councilors at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi.

This resolution was passed by the KCCA council chaired by Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago and was endorsed by about 80% of the house.

According to Lukwago, he says that the meeting is aimed at compromising and sweet talking councilors to support the controversial age limit bill.

He adds that this is a selfish move that can cannot be funded by the council resources that were earlier planned to help in execution of the council obligation not campaigning for individuals.

Lukwago also revealed that the Minster of Kampala had submitted a budget of about shs. 125m for facilitate this retreat. Its also said that all attendees will be able to bag 5m transport refund.

However earlier today Kamya refuted the allegations that the said retreat is aimed at perplexing councilors to support the Magezi bill.

The former presidential candidate insists that the retreat was planned a year ago before the age limit Bill was even hatched. She also said that she does not need permission to meet the council councilors because she is their boss thereby citing that she also has no reason to bribe them because what is to be discussed benefits them as individuals.

Ms Kamya’s letter inviting the KCCA councilors to the November 12 retreat has been received with contempt, with Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago describing it as unlawful, saying the minister has no authority over KCCA political leaders.

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