UPDF, Police clash over Kaweesi Murder suspects re-arrest

Police spokesperson AIGP Asan Kasingye and The UPDF Spokesperson Brig. Kalemire

A point and center of confusion has emerged following the release of controversial statements from the top security organs of the country due to the re-arrest of the Kaweesi Murder suspects yesterday.

According to the UPDF spokesperson Brig.Richard Karemire, the army was aware of the re-arrest, and articulates that it was conducted by joint operation carried out by a number of security agencies.

Earlier police spokesperson AIGP Asan Kasingye had told this website that he was not aware of those who had orchestrated the arrest and their motive.

These two statement, have sparked a lot of mixed reactions from the public leaving them wondering why government has of late embarked on re-arrests after people getting bail.

It should be noted that this is not the first group of people to get re-arrested shortly after securing bail. The most recent is one of the Rwenzururu Kingdom King Omusinga Charles Wesely Mumbere who had been in detention for about 5 months on counts of murder and treason but was also Frustrated by the unstoppable re-arrest that left hundreds in tears.

Two of the suspects were re-arrested minutes after they had been granted bail by the Nakawa magistrate’s court on Tuesday afternoon.

Sefuka helplessly being re-arrested by the security operatives


Men brandishing pistols were seen forcing the suspects into waiting vehicles at the Spear Motors junction in Nakawa.

According to Geoffrey Turyamusiima, the lawyer of the Kaweesi Murder suspects says will not give till his clients get justice.

Speaking to the Insider, Turyamusiima adds that he has finished writing an official letter to the court informing them about the unfair re-arrest of his clients.

Council notes that those who were re-arrested are four including Umaru Maganda, Majid Ojegere, Ahmed Ssefuka and Abdul Kisa.

He adds that only Umaru Maganda is detained at Kireka, revealing that others have been taken to unknown detention centers.



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