Bryan White, the young tycoon crowned the new Kampala Don.

Brian Kirumira a thirty three year light skinned man, aka Bryan White is the new Ugandan tycoon Don on the block that has become the target for all young girls especially the slay queens who have turned detoothing rich men to finance their luxurious life into a business venture . He has managed to fill the gap that was left behind by the late Ivan Semwanga.

Bryan White, the new Don in Kampala.

He is a man filled with generosity and has been spotted throwing bundles of money to women during concerts and comedy shows. He also walks around the streets of Kampala splashing money to anyone he comes cross. He has also been spotted at Wankulukuku stadium giving out money to youths to start businesses especially those that had juicy business ideas.

Bryan White giving monet to women to start up businesses.

Not only has he been able to bend the knees of slay queens but also famous celebrities like Weasel and Radio, Chameleon, Alex Muhangi have taken a special talent in following the tycoon and inviting him over for their concerts since he has turned out to be the hottest cake to be fought for.
Bryan claims that he gains all this income from operating a real estate business in Italy where he renovates old houses. According to him, he was inspired to work hard when he lost his mother in 1995.

“The death of my mother made me an independent man. Since then I knew that I was responsible for how I live and poverty was not the way I wanted to live.” He said.

Bryan’s life has been in danger since he became the talk of the town which forced him to hike up his security as he moves with a military man who has always been spotted holding his wallet and also has bikers that move ahead of him to alert people about his entrance in the area.

Kampala stages a grand entrance for Bryan White into the city.

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