Dr. Nyanzi implores God to destroy Museveni and his wife.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi

Makerere university senior academician and activist, Dr. Stella Nyanzi has invoked God to destroy the President and his wife, Janet Museveni the same way as the Mugabes.

While expressing her opinion about the on-going chaos in Zimbabwe, Dr. Stella Nyanzi says that it’s only God who can give the rightful fate to people of the same character and so he should hear her pleas and bless Museveni the same way he has blessed President Robert Mugabe and his wife.

“May the wife flee and leave behind every morsel of state-power she ever inherited from her husband. Please do to the ‘Musevenis’ as you have done to the Mugabes. Amen!” Stella Nyanzi said.

Dr. Stella in her prayer further added that the state house boss together with his wife should be destroyed using all the machinery they bought under the disguise of promoting peace in the country.

“May the ammunition and armored trucks they bought be used to cut them off from the world?” she added.

According to Dr. Stella Nyanzi, she believes that it is only fair enough for all dictators to be arrested in their homes as the world watches and mocks there downfall.

“Oh God, I earnestly pray that you abundantly bless the Musevenis with the same blessings you gave to the Mugabe this week. May they be besieged and arrested in their house for days. May the world watch Museveni’s overthrow on television and the internet. May they watch the news for days as Ugandans boldly celebrate their downfall? Give the president one phone call from a friendly neighboring president who will proceed to confirm to the world that indeed the leopard is under house arrest.” Nyanzi prayed.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi prayer however does not strike as a shock to the nation because she has publicly come out to expose her hatred towards the first family to the extent of openly insulting the president and his wife.

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