Obore attacks Obuku for saying Doctors are more useful than MPs

Chris Obore

The director of communication parliament of Uganda Chris Obore has bitterly expressed his dissatisfaction with the Uganda Medical Association president’s statements about MPs.

It should be noted that when the president Museveni threatened to fire all striking doctors for failing government programs, Dr. Obuku replied him saying he has no authority to fire them because what they are doing is not an illegal move since its constituted by the law.

Obuku is also quoted saying that Museveni can fire Members of Parliament but not doctors because the world can’t services without their services something that forced Chris Obore to jump out of his comfort zone to come and clear the air.

Obore says regardless of the fact that what the doctors are advocating for are genuine issues, but there is need to respect the sovereignty of all departments because the serve the nation differently.

The veteran Journalist noted that Obuku need s to ‘Graduate from the Fire is Better than Water Debate’ because members of parliament are as useful as doctors.

He however asked Dr. Obuku to stop the tradition of lampooning lawmakers because any doctor who does anything not showing commitment to preserve life is not committed to the medical calling and should be free to join any other calling including parliament.

“A doctor cannot be better than an MP because you can become a doctor unless you are recognized by the state. Parliament is a state institution that determins the boundaries of that recognition therefore doctors cannot exist without parliament as Dr. Obuku assumes.” Obore said.

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