Kabalagala youth robs a supermarket with a toy gun.

Man arrested for attempting to rob a supermarket.

An unidentified man has been arrested in Kabalagala for attempting to rob a supermarket using a toy pistol and a knife.

The arrested robber entered a Kabalagala based supermarket with a knife and toy gun and threatened all the attendants to give him the money they have and also allow him to take all the things that he wanted.

toy gun and knife used by the robber.

“He entered the supermarket and threatened to shoot anyone who attempted to move or make a call to the police. He asked us for the money we had made and when we were hesitant, he said that he is going to shoot.” One of the attendants narrated.

The security guards tried to stop the thief until one of them luckily grabbed the toy gun from the thief and informed the supermarket attendants that it was not a real gun causing the robber to panic and try to escape. However, it was too late as the police was already at the scene and the criminal was taken into police custody.

Police has further called upon the public to be alert during this coming festive season and refuse to be tricked into losing property and money. The public has been asked to report anyone suspected to be planning to do any malicious activity to the nearest police station.

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