Stop betraying Ugandans and return to work- Archbishop Ntagali tells doctors.

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali

The archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali has called upon medical workers to end their strike and return to work immediately.

While addressing his congregation on Sunday, Archbishop Stanley informed the striking doctors that they are not making the situation any better by letting people die as they ignore their duty because of personal reasons.

“These striking doctors should first consider saving lives of the needy Ugandans as they also carry out negotiations between the medical workers and the government officials in charge,’ said Archbishop Ntagali.

Archbishop Ntagali further informed the doctors that they should aware that the entire country relies on their services and so by putting down their tools, they are betraying the country that depends on them and their duties.

“It is shameful to see that you have decided to betray the country that believes and trusts in your services by letting people die. Think about the relatives of these people who have died because of your strike.” he said.

Furthermore, archbishop Ntagali has asked the doctors to adopt the virtue of patience in their hearts and as the government plans to increase their salaries. He believes that the government has seen what the doctors are capable of doing if their salaries are not increased and it has heard their pleas and so it is now the role of the doctors to be patient as government allocates funds for them.

This comes after the medical doctors decided to put down their tools and stop treating people until government responds to their demands. Doctors are demanding government to increase on the salary given to an intern doctor (to receive 8.5 million), medical officers and teaching assistant(to receive 15million, a house and a vehicle), nurses and midwives(to receive 6.5million, a house and vehicle) senior consultant doctor( to receive 48million plus allowances, domestic workers, a vehicle and five-bedroom house).


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