Jim Muwhezi raps Age limit haters: What is criminal about amending constitution?

Jim Muhwezi

Former ICT Minister Rtd Maj Gen. Jim Muhwezi has described Article 102(b) of the Uganda Constitution as an ordinary law that the country can do away with.

Speaking while appearing before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee this afternoon, the former Member of Parliament he does not care if the article is removed after all it makes no sense.

Muhwezi noted that no one beyond 75 years has ever caused any sort of crisis for the pearl of Africa thereby citing that it’s unfair when Ugandans assume things because of individual gains.

He gave an example of former President Dr. Apolo Milton Obote who at 41yrs abolished the Constitution and attacked the Kabaka of Buganda thereby causing the Kabaka crisis.

According to Muhwezi, veterans find logic in the removal of Article 102(b) saying that stopping a person aged 75 years from standing to be President does not make sense.

“Going by our history, the leaders that have brought political turbulence have been much younger than 75 years,” said Muhwezi.

Muhwezi, a veteran of the 1981-1986 war, cited the 1966 crisis in Uganda when Prime Minister Milton Obote “abrogated the Constitution and attacked the Kabaka of Buganda.” Obote was aged 41 years at the time.

“In 1971 when Idi Amin staged a military coup and massacred people and destroyed the economy he was just 46 years,” said Muhwezi.

Muhwezi said that there is no need to segregate among age groups questioning why the young should be stopped from standing for leadership. This, he said, contradicts the constitution which guarantees every one equal opportunity.


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