Uhuru invests in cheap popularity, walks to office greeting everyone

Uhuru greeting locals

President Uhuru Kenyatta today caused a stir in Nairobi streets when he decided to make an usual public appearance mid morning.

Mr. Uhuru caught many by surprise as he walked from his office in Harambee House to the National Treasury building located along Harambee Avenue.

Enthusiastic Kenyans jostled to greet the president with a few individuals managing to shake his hands while others were repulsed by security.

At the Treasury, the president held a meeting with his economic team as part of his consultations before he outlines his plan to continue the country on its growth trajectory.

The president is due to outline his economic transformation plan when he addresses the nation on Tuesday.

Today’s meeting was the third time the president was meeting with the economic team in the last three weeks. The meetings started after he won re-election in the October 26th repeat poll that was ordered by the Supreme Court.

The President has already been briefed on energy and water sectors in previous meetings with the economic team.



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