FDC’s Matsiko, the man who wants MP Magezi uprooted like a Mushroom

Dan Matsiko

Mr Dan Malcom Matsiko a city businessman who joined the hotly contested Forum for Democratic Change presidential race lit Namboole stadium during the election day when he vowed to do miracles for the party.

Speaking to the party delegates, Matsiko firmly said that the straggle against Museveni’s rule requires extraordinary efforts which can be found in giants like him.

Malcom noted that he knows the key that can twist the age limit bill which seeks to award Kaguta with a life presidency bid something which is not far away but at his home in Igara Bushenyi district.

He added that though Hon. Raphael Magezi his homeboy is one of the people messing up the country, he is set to wage a mega battle against him once he is voted party president.

“I come from Igara. Museveni sent Magyezi, you should also elect me as president so that we uproot Magyezi and his lies.” He said.

Matsiko also said that if you want to remove Museveni from power, you have to do it before 2021. ‘We are not going to be part of these stupid elections again. Don’t be obvious to Museveni, he knows who you want to elect but don’t give him a straight answer.’

But who is this man Dan Malcom Matsiko?

Vocal Matsiko

Dan Malcom Matsiko is from Igara East constituency of Bushenyi district. He went to Ntinda primary school, St Peter’s SS Nsambya for O-level and Kampala secondary school for A-level.

I joined Makerere University in 1999 and pursued a degree in Social Sciences although I dropped out in second year and ran into exile. Like many people who supported Dr Kizza Besigye in the 2001 elections, He was hunted down on charges of being a member of the so-called Popular Resistance Army [PRA] rebel movement.

Matsiko was once a youth chairman of FDC and also chairman of Ugandans living in South Africa. He was also co-opted on the board of Youcan, an activist group of Ugandans living in South Africa who are anti-Museveni.

In 2006 and 2011, He participated in elections, especially in western Uganda. ‘So, I have been part of all historical events in my country’.

Though he has been so vocal during the hotly contested race, Matsiko and his other counterparts were severely defeated by Former MP Eng. Patrick Amuriat Oboi with a margin of about 60 percent.

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