Amuriat has nothing to do, just Besigye’s peg-boy – Mwenda

Andrew Mwenda

Veteran Journalist Andrew Mwenda has thrown the country in silence following his projection of the split of Uganda’s leading opposition party over power struggle.

Speaking while appearing on NBS TV on Monday night, Mwenda noted that Opposition in Uganda faces a formidable opponent.

He described the recently elected leader of the Forum for Democratic Change Hon. Patrick Amuriat as Besigye’s peg-boy who is in the game to fulfill Besigye’s obligations.

“We are going to see a split of FDC. Besigye has always been in charge of FDC. He has controlled that party since he came back to take its leadership. Amuriat is just a peg-boy to run Besigye’s errands according to Besigye’s singular approach/way of running politics in this country.” Mwenda stated.

He however noted that the Ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) as a unique party from the rest of others political parties since It is a revolution that came to power after a protracted struggle.

These statements follow the recently climaxed FDC hotly contested election that left the party president Gen. Mugisha Muntu unseated by Kumi’s Partick Amuriat with more than 178 vote difference.

Speaking to the Journalist shortly after he was announced, Amuriat noted that he had come to redeem the party’s 2016 victory and change the strategy on how to push the dictator out of power.

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