Amuriat sets committee to punish Moles as Muntu refuses to quit party

Patrick Amuriat

As the number of alleged moles and spies in the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) increases, more measures are being plotted to curb the vice.

Speaking to Journalists, the newly elected party president Hon. Patrick Amuriat plans to put in place a disciplinary committee to specifically handle members who are reportedly spying on the party for other political parties.

This comes as several fingers continue to point at former party president Maj Gen. Mugisha Muntu accusing him of being a mole, a claim he has often bitterly denied.

As he waits to officially assume office tomorrow, POA says the committee will help identify the people they think may be working as undercover agents within the party.

He says in the past there were deliberate actions to isolate moles and they were subjected to disciplinary action while others like the minister for Kampala Betty Kamya had to quit.

Amuriat has thus vowed not to tolerate people who are working with enemies of the FDC to pull it down.

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Muntu Mole allegation

Forum for Democratic Change President Mugisha Muntu has on several occasions dismissed speculation that he could be a mole working in the interest of the ruling National Resistance Movement.

Maj Gen Muntu says such allegations are made by people who are incapable of analyzing issues. He says if he had wanted to wreck Uganda’s leading opposition party, his very first year in office, which had been marred by infighting, would have presented him with a golden opportunity. Instead, he says, he has acted strongly and the party has emerged stronger.

Muntu’s first year as party leader has been dogged by a row over whether he should serve for two years or five. Last week, a team of elders in the party said Muntu should serve for five years, meaning his tenure would end in 2017 and not next year.



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