M7 will chew you like a samosa – Gashumba raps Muntu

Frank Gashumab with Gen. Mugisha Muntu

Famous social activist Frank Gashumba has asked the former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Gen. Mugisha Muntu to face the bitter truth of democracy.

Speaking in a well detailed video, Gashumba thanked Muntu for having have increased the number of party delegates from 400 to 1200 citing the number he added are the very one that voted him out.

The sisimuka Uganda CEO noted Gen. Muntu and his camp need to accord Patrick Amuriat the support he deserves because he won the election and that’s what democracy means.

“Democracy is not only applicable when one win, you need to believe in it even when you lose. Look at America, though Hilary Clinton was more qualified for the presidency, when Americans voted Trump, she had to throw in the towel. Muntu has to do the Same.” Gashumba said.

Gashumba however expressed a lot of worry why Gen. Muntu is being supported by the ruling party members yet he is heading an opposition party.

He warned Muntu not to be tempted to form a new political because President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni fears no one in Uganda but only fears organized people

“Tell Muntu not to behave like a little boy, Museveni will chew him up like a sumusa. He needs to accept that he can serve FDC even better when he is not president. This is the time we can see those strong people who can stand even during challenges.” Gashumba added.

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