Mwenda says Besigye is a greedy and selfish leader

Andrew Mwenda (L) Besigye

Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda has described former presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye as a selfish and greedy leader.

Speaking to NBS TV on Sunday night, Mwenda noted that Besigye wants to control the entire Forum for Democratic Party and continue running for presidency over and again.

“I think Besigye is a very selfish politician who wants to control the party so that he continues to run again and again. His mission is just simple, eliminate potential competitors and that’s why he worked so hard to see that Gen. Muntu is out.”

These statements come in following the shocking victory of the little known Patrick Amuriat who defeated Gen. Mugisha Muntu with over 178 vote difference.

However this victory has sparked more wrangles in the party and forced some members loyal to the defeated Gen. Muntu come up with plan B that we are yet to know.

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