POA: Winnie Kiiza, Ssemujju have performed excellently, why sack them?

Winnie Kiiza, Hon. Ssemujju with their candidate Gen. Mugisha Muntu

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Newly elected party president Hon Patrick Amuriat Oboi has called for unity in the party so as they can achieve their dream of fighting and crippling the dictator.

Speaking to The insider recently, Amuriat stated that he was elected to unite the party and take it forward not cause wars and factions among Uganda’s leading opposition party.

He added that regardless of the fact there some party members who never voted him in the recently climaxed party polls, Its doesn’t take away the fact that they are all FDC members.

On a special note, the former Kumi Lawmakers says that he will not sack parliament leaders including the Leader of Opposition Hon Winnie Kiiza and Kiira Municipality lawmaker Hon. Ssemujju Nganda who serves as the opposition Chief whip in parliament though they never supported him because they have excelled.

“This was a party activity, like the way I had a right to stand on any position I wanted, they also had a right to support whoever they wanted. They did a great job to actively participate in the election and exercise and one thing you need to know, they have performed well in parliament, they why remove them?” POA said.

It should be noted that the pressure and speculations on whether Winnie Kiiza and Ssemujju Nganda will retain their seats have intensified following the election of the new leader who the duo never supported.

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