Mwenda: As long as M7 is in power, any competitor must be a soldier and westerner

Andrew Mwenda

One of Uganda’s veteran Journalists Andrew Mwenda has broken hearts of many Ugandans when he revealed that Museveni can never be overpowered by an ordinary civilian.

Speaking while appearing on KFM hot seat on Friday evening, Mwenda noted that anyone to run against president museveni has to be a soldier at the same time a westerner.

“Unless if you are just running for pleasures and for the sake of appearing on the ballot paper, but as long as Museveni is still president, any strong competitor against him has to be a westerner and soldier.” Mwenda said.

On a special note, he also clarified on why it was mandatory for Gen. Muntu to be kicked out of the Forum for Democratic Change’s (FDC) topmost job citing that it would cripple ‘Besigyeism’ in the party.

He however also said that Gen. Muntu’s loss will cost FDC since most elites who would contribute towards building the strength of the party lost hope in Besigye’s Defiance approach.

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