Amuriat has no integrity to lead, just a mediocre – Opondo


The government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has described the newly elected Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Patrick Amuriat Oboi as a political mediocre.

Speaking while appearing on the Capital Gang on Saturday morning, Ofwono noted that Amuriat’s approach and philosophy can’t win anything for the FDC party and the country at large.

He added that Amuriate is a looser and even lacks political capacity to even become president since he even lost the previous 2016 election but failed to reclaim his victory.

“How can that man who lost a seat he had held for fifteen years lie to you that he will reclaim the entire countries victory yet he has failed to reclaim his MP seat? I cannot consume such level of political mediocrity.” He said.

Ofwono however also said Amuriat’s victory is another special opportunity for the ruling party to win the next election since FDC has now landed in weak hands.

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