If defiance means roaming on streets, then rather call me a mole – Katuntu

Hon. Abdul Katuntu

Famous knowledgeable lawmaker Hon. Abdul Katuntu has called upon the forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party members to embark on matters that take the party and country forward than discussing personality.

Speaking while appearing on the Capital Gang on Saturday morning, the Bugweri county Member of Parliament described himself as a strong FDC Die hard who truly has hope that it is a party that will soon take over power from the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Katuntu notes that pro Gen. Muntu faction actively participates in party activities including the famous defiance campaign though some party members have a mentality of assuming that defiance means going on streets.

“I, Gen. Muntu and the rest of our other colleagues are not enemies of the defiance campaign because as far as I know, Defiance means an open resistance, bold disobedience against something that is not right and unfair to others but not guarantee that this has to be done on streets only.’’

He however makes it clear that there some events related to defiance that he does not believe like organizing street protests and confronting police because he believes they don’t address the problems.

“Gen. Muntu has on several occasions okayed budgets to fund the defiance campaigns and if I may ask, if Muntu was against defiance, how could he okay the budgets? It’s just a matter of common sense. Take it from me, If defiance means going on streets and confronting police, then you will never see me there because thats not what I believe in. And for your own information, if this is what is used to determine moles and non moles, then let me be one.” He added.

Katuntu also noted that people of his class don’t need to engage acts of running battles with police because his ideology is not against the police thereby creating need to confront the very people directly but diplomatically.

He however believes that though demonstrations and protests can bring solutions but it should never be taken as a priority because they are so expensive, and so risky yet the struggle need people who living and in good health conditions.

It should be noted that a number of FDC members of parliament especially those loyal to Gen. Mugisha Muntu have on several occasions been branded Moles. Such allegations, also took a hype during the recently climaxed party election that left Gen. Muntu unseated by the little known Patrick Amuriat Oboi.

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