Muntu raps POA: Think about how best we can serve our people, not just taking power

Gen. Muntu, Patrick Amuriat and Dr. Kiiza Besigye

”Their problem is thinking of how to take power, not how best they can serve our people.”

The former forum for democratic Change Party President Gen. Mugisha Muntu has challenged the entire party members to observe the issue of inclusion in all party engagements.

Muntu noted that issue of going with decisions simply because of the interest of Majority is wrong since it leaves the minority uncatered for something that can unwrap the unity within a minute.

In a well detailed tweet, Muntu added that people need to think of the means to serve our people not the way how to win an election.

“Democracy is not just about the will of the majority being done. It is also about the voice of the minority being heard. The greatest lesson we need to learn as a country is to think of politics not as a means to win power, but an opportunity to serve our people. ALL of them.” Muntu said.

The flow of such comments have taken another twist following the emergence of strong rival camps in the Uganda’s leading opposition party with some group of members loyal to Gen. Mugisha Muntu claiming the Patrick Amuriat’s approach of revamping defiance campaign as a waste of time.

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