Magyezi protests against age limit delay.

Igara West County legislator Raphael Magyezi has protested against the delay of the legal and parliamentary affair committee to release a report about the fate of the age limit bill.

Magyezi believes that the bill has taken a longer period of time compared to what is expected and blames the committee members for not taking very serious.

“The bill has gone beyond the time I expected it to take. The committee members are wasting a lot of time discussing unrelated issues instead of doing their job. They approached me and instead of discussing the bill, they kept talking about administrative arrangements,” Magyezi said.

Magyezi further added that he does not have any idea about the fate of the age limit bill because parliament had given members of parliament 45 days which have elapsed and no report has been submitted yet.

The Igara legislator has however asked the Speaker of parliament, Hon. Rebecca Kadaga to summon the legal and Parliamentary affair Committee so that they can make an immediate report which will enable him to take the bill to the next step.

However, the president of Uganda has too organized a meeting with the legal and parliamentary affairs committee which is scheduled to take place today.

This follows the proposal to amend article 102(b) of the constitution of Uganda to remove presidential age limit that was tabled in parliament by Hon. Raphael Magyezi. This amendment gives chance to President Museveni to run again for presidency in 2021.

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