Reject age limit removal, also use red plates and cups – POA


Newly elected president of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Hon. Patrick Amuriat Oboi has called upon all Ugandan to strengthen the fight against the lifting of presidential age limit.

Speaking to Journalist on Friday Morning in Kampala, Amuriat described the war against Museveni’s life presidency bid as a joint battle that needs all sorts of solidarity.

He declared a ‘Togikwatako week’ where he tasked countrymen to embark on dressing red ribbons wherever they go.

“This is the time we need to jointly fight the 3 decade Museveni Rule. If you don’t have a red dress, hat or shoes, even a red cup or plate can do.” He said.

This call comes a few days after president Museveni’s State House meeting the Parliament Committee on legal and parliamentary affairs that seems to have given him green light.

“We would like to talk to the hearts and minds of MPs who don’t believe in us. This is our country where I believe we all co-exist. Our struggle is very much alive. We are not going to relent. We are here to tell Museveni that this is being pushed down the throats of these people.”


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