We are not scared of guns, kill us if you must- Norbert Mao.

The former presidential candidate and DP flag bearer has pledged to sacrifice his life so that to restore the dignity of the country that will be lost during the amendment of article 102(b) that seeks to remove the age limit bill from the constitution.


During a press conference held today morning, Mao said that all Ugandans that love their country should join in the TOGIKWATAKO campaign that he launched today. In this campaign, everyone will have to put on red clothes and also attend today’s plenary session.

“I call upon all Ugandans to make use of the red symbol during this week as a way of protecting our constitution. It is a symbol and the most powerful way of saying no,’ said Mao.

Much more, he warned police for stopping consultations and also asked them to stay away from interfering the plenary sitting of today that will include the tabling of the age limit bill by the parliamentary legal committee.

“Parliament is a home for decisions and not a war zone. Therefore police should keep away from turning it into a chaotic place like it did on 27th September,” he said.

Mao has also called upon the speaker to be more vigilant and use this as a chance to clear the image she destroyed by allowing goons into parliamentary chambers to brutally throw out opposition MPs and pretending that she has no idea about their identity.

“You have a chance to reveal your tattered image. Do not be a sausage,” advised Mao.

Norbert Mao has called upon all Ugandans to participate in the struggle to protect the constitution and prevent the country from being turned into a ‘brothel of greedy MPs’.

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