Whoever thinks there is no Uganda without M7 is Hopeless – Matembe

Hon. Miria Matembe

The former minister of ethics and integrity Hon. Miria Matembe has expressed her sincere worries over the continued misinformation and false statements government officials have restlessly engaged in.

Speaking while appearing on KFM Hot Seat on Monday evening, Matembe said that regardless of how much good things President might have done for the country, its high time he retired since he is bound to spoil the little he did.

“There is nothing more important and record making than President Museveni handing over power to another person without bloodshed, we don’t need to see people die because someone is leaving power.” Matembe said.

Matembe said that Uganda has passed through a series of bitter history than no one should ever wish to repeat buts it’s unfortunate that the current government has forgotten and never learnt anything.

She also noted that the Pearl of Africa has very many potential people to run the state but its only because of lack of integrity that some leaders have fooled locals that without President Museveni Uganda will be no more.

“Whoever things that without President Museveni Uganda will not move on, the He/she has shabby, tinnier brains and hopeless. Uganda has very many potential leaders but its simply because he is greedy and selfish.” Matembe added.

The vocal activist climaxed imploring Members of Parliament and the entire Ugandans to reject the bid to amend article 102b of the constitution saying that it’s a move that puts Uganda’s future at stake.



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