Don’t lose hope, Museveni is going back to Rwakitura – Nsereko


Kampala Central Member of Parliament Hon. Nsereko Muhammad has called upon all Ugandans not to lose hope on the controversial age limit bill.

Speaking to the Insider, Nsereko states that the role to have Museveni head back to Rwakitura is not only for MPs but for all Ugandans regardless of their class, tribe or age.

Nsereko tasks the public to embark on the point of calling their individual members of parliament and informing them to disassociate themselves from the amendment.

He says that they have come up with a minority report which they termed as the “wise men and women’s report” to rival that one which is going to be presented by the parliamentary legal committee.

“We shall continue persuading those that are at the borderline, those for NO are a big number, those that are still un-decided are also a big number and those that are ‘pro’ are also a big number so all options are still on table,”

Nsereko added that so far they have more than 120 MPs that have confirmed to say NO while those on the borderline are still 25.

He climaxes saying that they are calling for a move to reject a secret in voting for the controversial bill so that Ugandans can see who has sold their country to Museveni and company limited.

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