Kadaga sticks to her gun, bitterly slams Opposition over Age limit

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

Opposition Members of Parliament have this afternoon stormed out of the House in protest of the Manner in which the House is proceeding.

The Walk out follows several rejections of procedural points by the Speaker.

Despite efforts by the Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza, the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga stuck to her gun, hell bent on having the Report on the Bill is presented.

The lawmakers then walked out vowing to return after consultations.

The Speaker has given out the opposition seats to members of the ruling party in the meantime.

Meanwhile, the High court has adjourned tomorrow morning a ruling in which a city advocate seeks orders stopping parliament from proceeding to amend A(102) b of the Constitution without first translating the Constitution in local languages.

Jackson Ntwatwa of Asinguza and Company advocates claims its the duty of government as per Article( 4 )of the constitution to translate the Constitution which is only written in English to  local  languages  which can easily  be read , understood and interpreted by all citizens before it (gvt) tampers to amend any provision or article.

Therefore Ntwata contends that the act of only 436 MPs sitting and deciding on behalf of 37 million shillings to lift the presidential term limit is unlawful and must be halted.

However Ntwatwa’s hopes of stopping Parliamnet today from debating on the contentious issue have not manifested as the presiding Asst. Registrar Joy Kabagye was not ready with the ruling and adjourned it  to tomorrow morning.




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