MP Masaaba: What’s wrong if M7 ruled till death?


Renowned legislator Hon Mutonyi Masaaba has blasted the opposition legislators for being biased against President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Speaking during today’s plenary, Masaaba noted that its unfair for a senior citizen to be denied a chance to actively participate in an election.

Masaaba thanked the Igara West Member of Parliament Hon Raphael Magyezi for bringing up the Age limit Bill that could have found it in our pigeon holes if Uganda had no democracy.

She noted that she supports the committee report, but disagrees with the minority report and those against the bill because they don’t offer any substance.

“My people told me to support the removal of 102b. “When you have a wife who is cooking well, you don’t have to remove her from there.” Masaaba said.

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