We need peaceful transition, Museveni needs to retire – NRM’s Ruhunda

Hon. Alex Ruhunda

Fort portal Municipality’s Hon Alex Ruhunda has implored all National Resistance Movement members of parliament to overwhelmingly denounce and reject Age limit bill.

Speaking during today’s plenary, Ruhunda said that he loves president Museveni but its good idea if he retired in peace.

“Even before he left for Fort Portal, he opinion leaders warned me. I love my President and it will take us a century to get another one like him. He has managed to rule us.” He said.

Ruhunda noted that the country is at crossroads adding that Even when the committee was scrutinizing this Bill, the committee suggested that Term Limits be restored to guarantee transition.

“What we are dealing with is not a small matter, but very fundamental for the good of this country. I have read both reports. I wanted to ensure that the people of Fort Portal who elected me give me their voice. They asked me not to touch 102b.” he added.


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