Bahati: How can we fail to touch a constitution with no thorns?

Minister David Bahati

State Minister of Finance and Planning Hon. David Bahati has vowed to fight hard to see that the Article 102b is trashed from the 1995 Uganda constitution.

Speaking during today’s plenary, Bahati noted that Uganda deserves better thereby should not block capable leaders from taking it forward.

Bahati added that its ironic if the book without thorns can be left intact yet it’s being amended for the good of the state and Steady progress.

“The people of Ndorwa West say the constitution has no thorns and can be touched. We are amending the constitution to correct inconsistencies.” Bahati said.

The Ndorwa West NRM lawmaker climaxed saying that President Museveni has excelled beyond reasonable doubt thereby should be given an opportunity to finalize the good work he started.


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