Kampala mute as Age limit bill sails to committee stage

There has been silence, and exchange of bitter statements on most of Kampala streets as Parliament voted to have article 102b removed from the constitution.

Regardless of work going on standstill as most people in offices, arcades and streets got glued on smartphones, radios and Televisions in bid to follow  parliament precedings, the spirit was cut short as MPs overwhelming voted in support of the controversial bill.

Speaking to one Roland Mukasa, a retailar on Ivory Tower along Wilson Road in Kampala city center, revealed that was much disappointed to see his area Member of Parliament sell the country.

“I really wounder who these MPs represent in Parliament. This is something that does not even need to be debated. How can we remove the only good governance and democracy check point from the constitution?” Mukasa said.

This afternoon, a total number of 317 voted in favour of the age limit motion, 107 of the members voted against and only 2 members abstained.

It should be noted that the Age limit bill has now sailed to committee stage to consider clause by clause.

However making matters worse, unlike other elections where people celebrate after winning every step in life however small it may be, Today’s setting has been unique that Kampala is only donned by silent people and multiple police vans on different junctions.

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