Leave Museveni alone, his age limit already written in heaven – Opendi

Sarah Opendi

State minister of Health Hon. Sarah Opendi has called Ugandans critiquing the ruling National Resistance Movement to leave them alone.

Speaking during yesterday’s plenary, the celebrated lawmaker noted that its unfair for people to speak bitter words against others exercising their democratic rights.

She added that it’s a wise move to have term limits restored in the constitution but makes no sense for age limit since everyone’s age limit is already designed in heaven.

“We should know we have laws and it’s not good to amend laws to benefit us. Age limit is already written for each one of us in heaven. One day we shall reach it.” Opndi said.

It should be noted that this statement was made ahead of the voting of the controversial age limit bill in parliament that sailed through with 317MPs votes, 97 including 28 from the ruling party voted against it, while only two members abstained.

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